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Parque García Sanabria


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Here are a few photos from one of the parks in the capital (Santa Cruz).

Screenshot_20230406-010755220 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-010806990 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-010817536 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-010850273 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-010901033 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-010929683 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-010941476 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-010951751 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011007744 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011021230 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011031728 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011042029 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011054535 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011106245 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011114789 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011130017 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011138096 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011213979 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011225277 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011235558 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011248310 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011257305 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011308203 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011320930 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011335441 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011353542 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011626809 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011635727 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011643907 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011657476 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011719251 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011732120 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011749438 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011758469 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011810046 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011824571 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011843828 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011853065 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011911440 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011924390 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011935707 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011947784 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-011959414 (1).jpg

Screenshot_20230406-012030937 (1).jpg

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Lovely.  Thanks for posting.

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Andrei W. Konradi, Burlingame, California.  Vicarious appreciator of palms in other people's gardens and in habitat

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What a beautiful place. Thanks

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Palms of Victory I shall wear

Cape Coral (It's Just Paradise)
Zone 10A on the Isabelle Canal
Elevation: 15 feet

I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus' garden in the shade.

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