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Raja Puri, the Scenario I Was Afraid of

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So the leaves on my Raja Puri banana all got nuked in the winter but the stalk survived. I had hoped for it to get a few nice big leaves on it before flowering, alas, that’s exactly what didn’t happen, a got a couple partial/stunted leaves and now it’s flowering.   I hadn’t been super diligent about removing suckers but now I’m wondering/hoping the suckers can lend support for fruiting? I don’t know, maybe wishful thinking. Do you think this flower can produce good fruit? 

Corpus Christi, TX, near salt water, zone 9b/10a! Except when it isn't and everything gets nuked.

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Not positive on the flower producing fruit but it might work. Personally I would leave the suckers and eventually they will produce. I have a massive clump of Raja puri I need to thin out. I never removed the suckers and the fruit never fully developed but it's a great looking banana. 

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