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Surgery on a coconut

Joe The Palm

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Let me just say that I am now officially a “palm freak”.  

I came back from a trip to SW Florida. (Great trip! Got lots of palm seeds and a few coconuts). I did my research and was ready to sprout this coconut, unfortunately my impatient side kicked in and I tried sawing away some of the outer husk even though I should have let the husk dry out in the sun. The coconut was closer to the surface than I thought and ended up cutting it real bad and it lost about 1/3 of its fluid. Surely it was a goner!
But then a crazy idea came to mind. And so, to the best of my ability, I cleaned the area around the cut to ensure that no debris got inside the coconut and dabbed the area with rubbing alcohol to disinfect it. Then using a syringe, I took coconut water from another coconut I took with me (both from the same palm actually) and filled it full again by tilting it around to get all the air bubbles out (literally giving it a transfusion) Finally, I sealed that sucker with a hot glue gun.
I know full well that it could be a flop considering that pathogens may have gotten in and could rot the inside or how it will react to being injected with fluid not of its own.

However, I have hope. 🙂🤞🏼




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