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Seychelles recommendations please


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Hello fellow palmateers,
I'm going to be in the Seychelles in October and November this year. Besides the Vallée de Mai, what sights should I plan to see? Which trails, parks, islands, will offer interesting flora and fauna and geology—including, of course, palms? I'll be on Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, and Silhouette.

Thank you!


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Jason Dewees

Inner Sunset District

San Francisco, California

Sunset zone 17

USDA zone 10a

21 inches / 530mm annual rainfall, mostly October to April

Humidity averages 60 to 85 percent year-round.

Summer: 67F/55F | 19C/12C

Winter: 56F/44F | 13C/6C

40-year extremes: 96F/26F | 35.5C/-3.8C

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I was here way back in 1992. Other than a few populated areas, most of the Seychelles islands are remote and uninhabited, and they are really just big nature parks. The biggest thing I remember beyond the exotic landscapes and plants, were the white sand beaches. Pure, white powder like sand that was like white talc. Unlike the coastal waters off much of California (dark – cold water)  the ocean was so warm and clear. The only thing we have close in/near the USA is the Bahamas (like the exumas) and perhaps a few parts of lower southwest/southeast Florida (St Petersburg Beach comes to mind).  

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