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Variegated Copernicia


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Let’s try this again haha…

I posted this on “freebies” but that was by mistake… 

I’ve had this Copernicia Hospita for 2 years now. Wondering if there’s a specific soil type best suited for Copernicias. Is there a risk that it might revert? 



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That’s pretty cool.  How did you stumble on this one?  The people I see (not me) that are really good at growing these in pots down here, tend to have them in gritty, faster draining mixes.  I had 6 green Hospitas about the age of yours.  They seem oddly finicky for me: 2 are stronger and faster, 2 are medium, and 2 were super weak (one of those shriveled and died).  


Keep the updates coming on that one.  Will be really interesting as it gets older.  Handle those roots with care as you up-pot.  

The recent video of these on the forum showed that population growing in red, metallic looking clay in open areas.  I think they also grow in sandy and rocky areas too, on quick draining hillsides, and in periodically flooded plains. ….pretty diverse spots it seems.  

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