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Which Trachycarpus is this?


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Mixed up some seeds so I only know this is a Trachycarpus. I bought 2 different sources of seed one called nova with 360 fronds and blue underside (supposedly It came from a big palm in Vancouver) and the other seeds was advertised as Nanital I believe. 



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I'd say Nova.  Nova,Priceps &Takil fronds divide early w narrow segments.

Nainital (a Fortunei variant) has very thick leathery strap leaves and when the fronds open & divide, it's usually 3-wide segments.


Here are some of my Palms. The one on the far right is a "Nainital" (fake Takil)

The other ones are Trachycarpus F var. Bulgaria.

Notice the difference.  Nainital is denser with a horizontal creep while Bulgarias have open crowns with longer petioles.

Bulgaria's also tend to grow straight up. Growing sideways or creeping is not very common.


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Let me guess the fronds are very thickly ridged and thick in general.  It's a dead ringer for my nainital.  Wild type nova have a narrow frond that is thinner.

Pic1 Nainital, Pic 2 NOVA wild type



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