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Strelitzia ("Bird of Paradise") hybrid seeds from South Africa


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I found these South African seeds in the back of my frig in a jar. They're several years old, so I'll try to germinate them this spring. They're a cross between Strelitza juncea and the yellow flower form of Strelitzia reginae (aka "Mandela's Gold"). Not sure anyone is doing this cross anymore, at least not in the States? In my previous attempt at sprouting, I only got one to grow (pictured). Maybe this one will bloom this year? 🤞

This may have been one of the last crosses the Saunders made before they died: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jun/15/british-botanist-rachel-saunders-body-south-africa



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Never had any luck with Silverhill seed. They supposedly sent me Strelitzia Alba and S. caudata seed, but they turned out to be just S. nicolai. Then they sent me S. juncea which turned out to be S. reginea.


Looks like you got S juncea, although one of the stalks appears to have a "spoon" at the top. However, if it does produce a yellow flower, you will have something truly unique! Good luck!

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