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Attalea Cohune in Flower.


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Years ago on Palmtalk I said my Attalea was Attalea amygdalina. It's NOT.  The fronds have NO petiole and the leaflets are very different and Amygdalina is said to have NO trunk. 

It's been throwing a  pedunce out  for a few years but NO flowering. It's got 2 VERY large Flowering peduncles and "bee's galore" pollinating her.  I started growing Palms 30+ yrs ago .

When I get a chance with Tigers Mobile I'll get a shot of the whole Palm which is trunking and over a mtr wide and massive fronds.

The flowering section itself IS a good mtr long so LOTS of seed will come off the 2 Peduncles. Time to get some Bee Hives with SO many flowering Palms,Tree's, Orchids, Anthuriums, Philodendrons, Fruit tree's , Cactus, Bamboo's, Bromeliads, Vines etc. Good for ya Brain to be into ALL plants and GOOD for "Mother Earth" and the local wildlife.

VERY healthy addiction being a "plant addict" 😊Happy Gardening to ALL.

image1 (2).jpeg

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Looking forward to more pictures of this palm.

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Andrei W. Konradi, Burlingame, California.  Vicarious appreciator of palms in other people's gardens and in habitat

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Love this palm. I have a very small 5 gallon growing indoors this winter and I am hooked on this palm. I hope to one day get some big enough to plant in the ground. Looking forward to more pictures. 

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Thanks all for the comments. Till Tiger get back there are LOTS of  pics on Palmpedia as  

 and even then the fronds where huge.

The Bee's LOVED the flowers on this Palm, I have 2 huge 

  • Dypsis ampasindavae  flowering  and NO bee's at all. 🤔🤔  Edric your "welcome" to put ANY Palms I post onto Palmpedia mate.

All the Best Pete.

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Pedro ain't that the bee's knees!🐝 Naht but that's interesting about them. When my sabals bloom they are covered in all flying insects,

from bees to wasps to flies and beetles ( the non-insidious sort!

S. bermudana has a pleasant sweet smell, sorta like a toned down Ligustrum sp. Not too much.

Those flowers are so massive!Formidable 

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