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Fantastic Palmy Lake Como Video

Chester B

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I highly recommend watching this video, what a spectacular place.  Don't watch this on your phone you won't get the scale of everything.  I watched on the TV and its a really stunning video.


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I follow Enes Yilmazer and he recently did a video at Lake Como. He features high end properties around the world, many of which of course are palmy places. I have yet to watch this one but I'll post it here just the same.


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Really spectacular, thanks for sharing.  I've been to nearby Lago Maggiore a few times and always been impressed by what they are growing.  In addition to many palms which would struggle here in the UK (despite winters being almost identical), the many groves of Trachycarpus are very impressive and exotic looking.

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Manchester, Lancashire, England

53.4ºN, 2.2ºW, 65m AMSL

Köppen climate Cfb | USDA hardiness zone 9a

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