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Key to disorders and diseases


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Hi Mod,


Many, many, many of the interactions on Palmtalk are in regards to nutritive problems with palms, etc.. Lots of us help out with this, it's no big deal, I think many of us are glad to help. In an effort to assist people in diagnosing their palm issues, I remember 'a key to common landscape palm disorders and diseases' by Tim Broschat and Monica Elliott that was published in the September 2005 issue of Palms. It starts on page 143. I've used it over the years when I wasn't able to figure out what I had going on with a palm.


Is this key something that we could digitize and perhaps "stickey" in the forum to help people that might be trying to diagnose their palm issues? I understand there may be copyright issues involved, but it was just a thought, as I've engaged with several people over the past few months with palm health issues. Heck, maybe it's already in Palmtalk somewhere and I just need to search.


Hopefully it's something that is a possibility. In the meantime, I'll keep using my print version here. I have it ready rapid-fire!


Happy New year! Have a great week.

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