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Deficiency in Rhopalostylis sapida 'Pitt Island' seedlings, or normal?

Phil Petersen

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I was hopeful anyone might have knowledge of the cause of length-wise stripes on sub-pinnate leaves, or know if this is normal? Not occurring on all of my ~30 seedlings of this size in a shade house, but maybe 1/3. Otherwise they do seem healthy. I do have palm-specific fertilizer and loads of worm castings so maybe I should apply as in summer now. Was holding off fert on the smaller palms as didnt want to burn in small pots. Any advice much appreciated. 



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A bit low in nitrogen I reckon. Give them some fish and seaweed for a quick pick me up, and some slow release fert. They’re ready for it and will green right up. 

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Millbrook, "Kinjarling" Noongar word meaning "Place of Rain", Rainbow Coast, Western Australia 35S. Warm temperate. Csb Koeppen Climate classification. Cool nights all year round.



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I Appreciate your advice Tyrone. I'll get this sorted 🌱 

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