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A weird Sabal Palmetto


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3 hours ago, idontknowhatnametuse said:

Are flowers like that normal on them?

Diagnosis of inflorescence on Sabal palmetto From Zona 1990: "Inflorescence arcuate with three orders of branching, nearly equalling to slightly exceeding the leaves in length, sheathing bracts usually lepidote, tachillae 9-22 per branihlet, 0.8-1.4 mm in diameter, 4-13.5 cm long, with (5-)7-8(-9) flowers per cm."

I would say they are a little more than "slightly exceeding" the leaves in that picture.

Edit: Although, Figure 27 (p.648) of that same monograph (i.e., Zona 1990) shows a picture of a stand of Sabal palmetto, with inflorescence on one of them of similar length to the one in your picture.  So, maybe that is considered "slightly exceeding" as he uses that figure as a demonstrative in his monograph.

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Unified Theory of Palm Seed Germination


(Where: bh = bottom heat, fs = fresh seed, L = love, m = magic, p = patience, and t = time)

DISCLAIMER: Working theory; not yet peer reviewed.

"Fronds come and go; the spear is life!" - Anonymous Palmtalker

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