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Where to find regenerated Palmettos in North Carolina ?


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On 12/8/2022 at 6:34 AM, BigBilly said:

Where to find regenerated Palmettos in North Carolina , Also how much do they cost ?

That's probably going to depend on where you are in the state. Checkout P&L Palms: https://www.plpalms.com/ They're on the coast but I think they do installs as far inland as Raleigh. Not sure though. 

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I don't know anybody that carries "regenerated" Sabal palms in N.C. but some growers in Florida do regrow dug ones. I would try "Garys Nursery" south of New Bern, N.C. to see if he can obtain or will regrow one back out for you. He grows tons of cold hardy palms from seed as well as imports Florida Sables and is very knowledgeable on growing palms.

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Kitty Hawk Garden Center gets a dozen or so every spring and sells them until they are sold out.  I believe they charged $800 each plus another $400 to plant them. Probably not economical since they would charge an arm and a leg for transportation.  

Paradise Palms is closer to you and they sell/sold them cheaper.  I don't have experience with them.  Their website seems unreliable now and may have been hacked - (paradisepalmsnc.com).  They may be out of business.



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wonky link to Paradise Palms
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