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new palm babies! Brahea decumbens, Brahea clara, Brahea 'super silver'


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These are my latest acquisitions...  all 3 are blue colored when mature.   Brahea decumbens is a bushy multi-branched palm, and fairly rare.  B. clara is very rare, hard to find anything but seeds on the market (I've got those too, if I can get them to germinate hehe).  Brahea super silver is a bit easier to find; like decumbens, it is green when small, but can be very blue/silver when larger, especially if grown in bright sunlight.   The clara is a 15 gallon plant and about 6 feet tall; the others are 5 gallon.   Got them at JungleMusic.net; they're having their fall/winter sale right now so prices were a bit lower than usual.  All 3 are very cold hardy (and the clara also is fairly wet-hardy), so I'm hoping to plant them in a few years when I move to So. Oregon.  RIght now they'll be in my greenhouse and hopefully grow a bit more in the meantime.  First pic is B. decumbens, second is B. clara, 3rd is B. super silver. 

Brahea decumbens.jpg

Brahea clara 15 gallon .JPG

Brahea super silver.jpg

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Looking good.   I don’t think any of these are wet/cold enough for us southerners?

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YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@tntropics - 60+ In-ground 7A palms - (Sabal) minor(7 large + 27 seedling size, 3 dwarf),  brazoria(1) , birmingham(4), etonia (1) louisiana(5), palmetto (1), riverside (1),  (Trachycarpus) fortunei(7), wagnerianus(1),  Rhapidophyllum hystrix(7),  18' Mule-Butia x Syagrus(1),  Blue Butia odorata (1) +Tons of tropical plants.  Recent Yearly Lows -6F, -1F, 12F, 11F, 18F, 16F, 3F, 3F, 6F, 3F, 1F, 16F, 17F, 6F, 8F


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4 hours ago, Allen said:

Looking good.   I don’t think any of these are wet/cold enough for us southerners?

Zone 8-ish all, with B. clara probably the most moisture-tolerant.  

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4 hours ago, Alex Zone 5 said:

Sweet purchase, that 15 gallon is just wow. 

Best of luck growing these beauty 🌴🌴

Thanks!   Been looking for clara for quite awhile.  Not cheap, but hopefully worth it.  Resembles B. armata eventually, but usually droopier leaves.   Much faster growing than armata, so that's a plus! 

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