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The trunking Jubaea of Roseburg Oregon

Cody Salem

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On 1/18/2023 at 10:49 PM, Cody Salem said:

Were you in Philomath? I think I remember you from the old cloudforest messageboard.  Roseburg is actually in the Umpqua valley, not the rouge valley so they get a lot more winter time marine influence than medford does.  There is also a small mountain range separating them from the willamette valley, so they seem to dodge the worst of the arctic fronts too.  This December they only got down to 30 when rest of the state was in the lower 20's.   Then add the summer heat,  I would vote "best climate in Oregon"   I sure miss it.

I'm kind of a weather nerd too, so I did the math myself.   Since the year 2000 their average annual low is 23 which is a pretty solid 9a

I was in Philomath. Latest google maps satellite imagery shows the new owners of my old house completely re-landscaped my old yard unfortunately.  Hopefully the nursery that did it moved all those nice Trachycarpus at least.  There was a 3-clump of T takil that had grown in especially nice.  And also clumps of Agave hardivana and Aloe striatula that had gotten especially big. Those were then basically unfased survivors of the two single digit events around 2008-2012. The sabals and musas sere still hanging around and 6-8’ tall species of red hot poker had turned into spectacular clumps. I think all the Chamaerops, Butia, Jubaea, Brahea, Flax, Gunnera, albutalon, and Tree Ferns we’re all killed by those bad winters. I had forgotten Roseburg was in the Umpqua valley… those Jubaea are SO impressive… miss all the time we used to spend out at the coast

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