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South Bethany Beach Sabal Minors


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Finally made it to the beach in Delaware so here are my Sabal Minors that I planted from one gallon containers, I think, about 7 or 8 years ago…no protection wonders since day one…


This one is well protected by a shed and outdoor shower enclosure facing south…maybe too big for the space but seems to grow slow enough not to matter much…



Also facing south, the one by the canal is doing great as well…although the new frond emerging is yellow with green margins…guess that’s normal? and I do like the coloration but I think I may need to run to the garden center to get a fall/winter supplement…anyone know about this? Between the two, I cut off 6 six foot flower spikes loaded with seed so they can divert energy to the palm itself for winter…the three Sabal Minors growing at my house in NOVA are the progeny of these two…right now, they are just strap leaf babies in ground for their third year, no protection at all…a great zone 7 palm for us marginal folk…


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Nice looking palms

Probably not relevant.....I've noticed faded fronds on my  palms that are garage kept during the winter...so possibly shock from low light.

It could be anything, I would water it, like a madman and give it a few sprinkle of fertilizer. 🖐️

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