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Does anyone know what's happening to my E. ferox?


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I have a few Ferox in full shade to full sun here in Florida, and they do ok after they acclimate.  It doesn't look like sunburn to me, that is usually yellow to bronze and more "diffuse" over the leaf.  I would guess a fungus.  Try posting in the "Tropical Plants" forum, there are a bunch of cycad enthusiasts here that can probably help figure it out.



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Like @Merlyn said it looks fungal. Possibly some type of "leaf spot".

You'll be able to really pinpoint if its leaf spot if the spots spread onto new growth shortly after the new leaves open up.

Whenever I have this on a plant I spray the fronds with AG copper fungicide and a follow up application a few weeks later.

That pretty much always stops the spots from spreading to new growth and eventually the old ugly fronds die off and are replaced with full green leaves.

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