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PSSC's September 17, 2022 meeting in Huntington Beach


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I'm pleased to announce that we will be visiting two gardens in Huntington Beach, Orange County on September 17, 2022. 
GARDEN NO. 1: The home and garden of Gary Wild at 20551 Montauk Cir. Huntington Beach.  He started his garden about 20 years ago. His yard is full of mostly mature palms including a 12’ tall bottle palm, several Dypsis, Clinostigma savoryanum, and a large Kentiopsis oliviformis and many others, most nice and tall (give yourself something to look forward to if you have a new garden).

GARDEN NO. 2: The home and garden of Darrin and Holly Aldridge, at 518 15th Street, Huntington Beach.  This is a first time visit of this garden for the Palm Society.  Although this garden is smaller than most, it contains many gems and a wide variety of palms and companion plants with the main focus on Dypsis.


We'll be having a potluck lunch with chicken provided. Bring your favorite dish to share; meat, vegetables, dessert, or any combination all greatly appreciated. Make it yourself, or buy and bring it - if you like it, we will too! If it's grandma's favorite recipe, so much the better. We don't care if your grandma was from Sausalito, Sri Lanka or Sydney. Come feast on food, and the joint joys of palms and good fellowship on a glorious mid-summer day.  


There will be an auction at this meeting. Donors have a choice of donating 100% of the proceeds to the PSSC (we appreciate that!) or 50% (we appreciate that, too!) The focus is on rare palms, in 1 to 5 gallon containers, though larger ones will be accepted. Also good are nice palm-themed objects d'art, and other exotic plants, including but not limited to, bromeliads, fancy Ficus, etc. We accept credit cards, checks, and good old cash, though, due to expenses relating to credit card transactions, we greatly appreciate cash and checks, if possible.

As everyone is aware, the Covid 19 pandemic, and the forced closures of group events has hurt the PSSC's finances badly as the auction is a vital source of funding for the PSSC. The recent "re-start" auctions have helped a great deal, but more is needed; your participation by donating and buying will help immensely. If you have a question about a possible donation, contact Dave Bleistein at 323-481-5071 via text or email at urkurk2000@gmail.com

Since we have a limited time in which to conduct the auction, we ask that donors provide plants that will realistically sell for at least $20. Please no Washingtonias, Phoenix canariensis, etc. We also appreciate liners and "freebie" plants as well for the plant raffle.

Thanks to all of our donors! 


9:30 AM: Board of Directors Meeting 
11 AM: General Members arrive at the Wild residence and tour the garden.
12:15 PM: Depart the Wild garden and go to the Aldridge Garden. Bring your food item.
12:30 PM: Potluck lunch. Tables and chairs will be available
1:00 PM: Tour the Aldridge Garden
2:15PM: Begin General Meeting. Announcements, Auction and Raffle
4:00 PM: Meeting adjourns



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Not gonna be able to make it but here’s a picture of Darrin’s garden I took last time I was there. Everywhere you look there’s something else. Enjoy everyone. 



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