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Variety Pack of Seedlings For Sale


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Limit of 4 minimum. $10-15 for shipping based on size per 4-6 seedlings (beyond this will be additional box). Can mix and match to come up with 4 or more.

Chambeyronia watermelon macrocarpa $7 each

Veitchia winin $5 for smaller $8 for larger (1 gal):

Veitchia spiralis $7 each:

Phoenocorphorium borsigianum $8.50 each.

Hydriastele longispatha $3.50 each.

Hyophorbe laugenicaulis $11 each (3 available)

Socratea exorrhiza $5.50 each.

Phoenix dactylifera (seed-grown will produce unknown varieties of dates, eventually ) $3 each.

Please PM if interested, 










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Hydriasteles all sold.

Only 1 borsigianum left.

1 hyohorbe left.


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Hi I’ll take the remaining 

Phoenocorphorium borsigianum 

and the 3 chambeyronias



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No more borsigianums or veitchia spiralis. Still have some chambeyronias, Veitchia winins, and dates. 

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