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Trachycarpus and watering system (6b)


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Hello everyone

I am new here, this is my first post. My name is Maciej and I live in Central Poland, 6b hardiness zone.

I really love palms. I have an areca palm indoors and one chamareops humilis outdoors potted. Here in Poland, despite the cold in winters (and recently heat waves in summers), quite many people grow palms outdoors. Mostly trachys, sometimes washingtonias and chamareops.

Due to cold we have to use heating for wintering. Usually people use heating wires and white cloth. Some people even use graveyard candles (those that are ment to keep the heat for couple days).


Anyway, I wanted to plant my first trachycarpus fortunei plus potentially one waggy. Although I am a bit concerned as I have automated watering system. It waters my whole garden once or twice a day for 10-20 minutes in the summer.

I am afraid how would palm trees react? Will they get overwatered? I have some plants that like to keep things dry, yet they are perfectly fine with my system. I am not sure how palms would cope though.

Does anyone has any such experiences?

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Trachycarpus love water so it won’t be an issue. In fact many believe it’s not possible to over water them. I have seen them growing in areas that have a high water table and sit in standing water in spring and they are doing great. 

Most people experience issues with them when they don’t water them enough. 

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Thank you! I am a bit confused as some sources say that they are very vulnerable to root rot and require minimal watering 

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