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Fit gardens palms

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I recently went back to fit gardens in Melbourne Florida, which recently reopened after 2 whole years of being closed.

Nice hybrid dates


dypsis. A lot of areas look very jungle like now, even more so than before, I don’t think the gardens got maintained very well in the 2 years it was closed unfortunately but it looks cool.


Don’t think that’s labeled right. There’s also a  African oil palms with a “syagrus psedococos” an outdated name for a queen palm. The signs look relatively new too. Not exactly sure what they are doing.


This is what remains of the very old African oil palm, if you look at some old threads you can see it was a large and beautiful palm. To bad I’m not 100% sure if it died of natural causes or if it was chainsawed but I have a sneaking suspicion it was the latter, as they are cementing near by its trunk now for some reason. But I’m not ruling out that it died naturally because why else haven’t they removed all the old trunk. That also being said I “snuck in” last year for a short while and it looked perfectly healthy anyhow too bad it’s gone.


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