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Nannhhorhops ritchiana seedling


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Little 2 leaf seedling no big deal….FB689629-2623-4D69-9E4F-692DED156F97.thumb.jpeg.cfe83cb4993e1f6c666f4c3f705c41d8.jpegJust wanted to move the pot over in the bed it was sitting on and definite resistance…slowly pulled the pot straight up, somehow didn’t break the root, and out comes this monster!!56A8E421-FA34-4D2E-87A9-A213EAF1126C.thumb.jpeg.9711f4b4bac0f2dc7c32f6004759d311.jpegThen took it out of the pot and it did a complete 360 around the bottom of the pot before it found its way outF8F57231-DBF1-470E-A7B2-005A323CBE05.thumb.jpeg.61cf5680453c517550083fa786d37059.jpegUnreal, true desert palm, drilling deep for water, easily add another 6” of depth if it didn’t circle the pot first. Has to be a factor in their overall hardiness as wellDC5ABC2C-60CE-4602-AEA0-743CC81EE8FA.thumb.jpeg.6c8c28ebf57a41de25a2b96201680eff.jpegInto a deep pot ya go5CDEF3CD-BFA6-4F34-A859-B36F763B790F.thumb.jpeg.526f43d8d3964ba73e545f4ded6b821a.jpeg

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