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Licuala new leaf wrinkled and dry


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I'm having all kinds of palm issues lately. Just got home to notice this new frond on my licuala looking very unhealthy.  There is 6 inches of new spear following behind.





And I noticed fungus on the lower half of the trunk and some of the roots.  Green in areas, white in others.  Are these two issues related and what should I do?




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Any thoughts on this? Can I spray copper fungicide on the trunk to kill the mold?

Got a ton of rain from the storm, so it's watered now.  Maybe the next one will be normal.

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I'd squirt some hydrogen peroxide into the crown to see if it bubbles up.  Grandis is super sensitive to drying out, so that might be part of it.  I have been doing Daconil + hydrogen peroxide in the crown of possible crown fungal infections.  That was from a recommendation from someone here.  Another possible treatment is Mancozeb.  I don't know that it has a crown infection, but it is possible.  I don't know if the trunk fungus is important or not, but it does seem odd.  If there is a sprinkler hitting it, that could explain the mold.

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