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Flores Del Sol.. Summer Flowers 2022, The non- Palm and Cycad edition..


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There isn't much alive right now, but the Mirabilis texensis are surviving and the Wedelia texana (or whatever it is currently call) have returned from the grave.


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Some " Last weekend of Astronomical Summer " Color before the season closes out..

Ivy Leaved Morning Glory, looking pretty good.. Caught at 7AM before the sun creeps over the house and puts the flowers to sleep.. Not quite as filled out as hoped, but, considering it is handling a few hours of direct hot sun, against a hot wall, i'm fine with it taking it's time to fill out for the season.. Another 2 or 3 months to grow before it fades out/ dies off, so, no worries. Was out east yesterday seeing how things out there are looking and while they're around, same Morning Glory sp. out there isn't quite as robust as last year, or where encountered down south where more rain fell this year.




Desert / Thurber's Cotton, Gossypium thurberi.  Wasn't sure if i'd have to wait another year for flowers or not after planting a month ago... Guess not, which is fine.



Kallstroemia grandiflora,  Inaugural specimen, in this yard anyway..  Scattered a bunch of seed around out front back in July as Monsoon season rains were starting up, but this was the only plant to get past the germination stage. While awaiting rain heavy enough to stimulate germination, pretty sure the birds / ants had their share of seed as well. Survived being trampled by the coconut oil for brains utility maintenance crew doing work on fiber optic cables below the street nearby.



Wislizenus' Senna, Senna wislizeni, right on schedule w/ some fall season gold. Other one planted out front may or may not flower this year. This specimen will go out there as well to replace another Senna species that the sun killed over the summer.


Not flowering, but really liking the " starts Orange / fades through Coppery- Red shades before turning green " leaf color on this native Clitoria ( C. mariana ) Likely no flowers until around this time next year ( hopefully ) Other Clitoria sp. planted this year, C. ternata is doing good after a slow start. Lost a couple others during the dry / hot break in Monsoon activity in July.


While  out east yesterday, timing was perfect for collecting seed of the native, Perennial Portulaca species i'd mentioned earlier to play around with. Should be interesting to see how these do next summer.

 Portulaca suffructescens:



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This summer gave me lots of plumeria! Since planting them a few years ago, many are mature enough to be blooming through summer. 



This little echinopsis oxygona bloomed maybe a month ago. Beautiful flowers - only wish they stayed open more than just a day


This plumeria makes me think of mangos with that warm, yellow center. 


This is a variety called Pacific Pearl


Rangoon Creeper bloomed all summer for me. It's still in bloom now, but the heaviest was from May through July. 


More plumeria - this one a is Celadine


I'm not sure why this photo is rotated upside down, but this plumeria is Ruby Star


This is a beautiful oleander called Mrs. Roeding


A Gardenia


Lastly, this rose is called Sally Holmes. It has the biggest pannicles I've ever seen - they covered my fence with blooms all of May and June, with sporadic flowers throughout the rest of the summer.


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