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is my foxtail palm ok?


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So yesterday i repotted my foxtail palm, and today the fronds startedto yellow a little bit. i accidentally pulled a few small roots off of it, so idk if that ls why its yellowing, or because it got to 38 last night (could that be why?) here are some pics




15 year old who likes palm trees in zone 6a

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i forgot to say i cleared spider mites from it a few months ago, thats why you see the discolored leaf tips!

15 year old who likes palm trees in zone 6a

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Could be some spider mite damage,but looks like a typical case of sunburn to me. Plant was probably inside for the winter where light intensity is much lower,then recently moved outside without any acclimation to direct sunlight... Once sunburned,those fronds will never recover so you need to wait for a new frond to grow out under the sunnier conditions.




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Did you move it from inside out into the sun? It looks like it got sunburned/bleached. 

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