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Moving to a warm climate and going to plant my first palm trees!

Dj Vin

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I am moving from a super cold climate to a warm climate next year with my wife. The zone is classified as a 9B/10A (depending on the actual part of the small city). I was wondering if I could grow royal palm, queen palms, and coconuts? The climate is Mediterranean hot desert, with hot dry summers and cool wet winters. The coldest it gets during the winter is around 40-45f, sometimes 38 but its a very short period. So, do you think these palms will thrive? And any other suggestions to plant other species of palm since it will be my first time. Appreciate any feedback :D

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1 hour ago, Zach K said:

Gonna need some more info boss. 9B looks different from region to region...

If you dont want to tell us exactly at least tell us a country, state, or most helpful, county


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9b/10a in California here - warm mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. From your list, I can only grow queens (syagrus romanzoffiana), but not royals and certainly not coconuts. Others in 9b/10a zones south of me can grow royals, coconuts in certain parts although very marginal. It all varies from one place to the next. If you tell us the actual city, I'm sure people will chime in with local knowledge. From the description of the climate, if it is within the US, my guess is you're moving to an inland part of Southern California. 


EDIT: Just noticed this is tagged with "South America" so I'm guessing it's someplace in Chile? 


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The location would definitely help, the name of the town specifically, but Phoenix dactylifera, syagrus romanzoffianana, phoenix canariensis, Washingtonia robusta and filifera and bismarckia nobilis should all be fine. For royals and especially coconuts I would have to see the areas average highs and lows In winter before knowing if they would stand a chance growing there. 

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