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Spring weather PNW

Chester B

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Well we got a surprise bit of rain, about a quarter inch over the last 36 hours.  Weird summer as its been so humid this year and this bit of rain just bumped it up to about 80%.  Normally we'd be 30-40% and less when its real hot.

Pineapple broom got planted and hopefully its happy in its spot.  It's been growing pretty well in the pot, but I have to imagine it'll be that much quicker in the ground.  Really looking forward to seeing this one develop.

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It rained yesterday and a tiny bit within the previous few days.  Unseasonal for sure.  Last year this time, we were in a drought and they'd banned fireworks due to the fire hazard.  

Watching a documentary on the Amazon, the narrator said that scientists have estimated that over 50% of the rain that falls in the Amazon comes from evapotranspiration from the vegetation.  I say we cover the PNW with broad-leafed jungle plants to try to get some rain here in the summer.  The humidity might also create a greenhouse effect giving us warmer, more humid summers.  Terraform the PNW. 

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