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Fresh Seeds of Cycad,Palm and Other Plants.


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Here is a price list of fresh seeds of  cycad, palm and other plants we recently collected .
Free shipment  around the world.
1.Cycas debaoensis, USD 35/5 seeds, USD 60/10 seeds
2. Cycas multipinnata, USD 130/5 seeds,USD 260/10 seeds
3. Cycas ferruginea, USD 30/5 seeds,  USD 55/10 seeds
4. Cycas hainanensis, USD 30/5 seeds
1. Trachycarpus princeps ( only hundreds to be availble next month ),  USD10/10
2. Trachycarpus fortunei Winsan ( to be available in 2 weeks),USD 20/ 50 seeds, USD38/100seeds
3. Lanonia dasyantha,USD10/10 seeds,  USD28/30 seeds
4. Lanonia hainnensis,USD 10/10 seeds,  USD 25/30 seeds
5. Rhapis humilis, USD 10/50 seeds
6.  Rhapis excelsa, USD 8/50 seeds
7. Livistona chinensis, USD 6/10 seeds
8.  Phoenix roebelenii,USD 6/10 seeds
9.  Caryota maxima,USD 6/10 seeds
10. Guihaia argyrata, USD 8/10 seeds, USD 25/50 seeds
Fruit or medicinal-use  plants.
1. Camelia nitidissima (rare golden-camellia), USD 20 /5 seeds,
very rare golden-camellia with genuinely yellow-golden flowers 
collected for the first time.
2. Hovenia dulcis (hardy sweet fruits), 5/20 seeds,10/50 seeds
3.  Poncirus trifoliata, USD 5/10, USD 10/30 sees
hardy bitter citrus
4.  Diospyros lotus (hardy sweet fruits)  USD 5/20 seeds,10/50 seeds
5. Taxus chinensis var mairei (used to treat cancers), USD6/20 seeds, USD10/50 seeds
6. .Stephania tetrandra(medical vine),USD 10 /10 seeds
7.  Stephania yunnanensis var. (red vine)
red vine, USD 10/10 seeds
8.  Dalbergia odorifera (famous fragrant woody trees) ,USD 6/20 seeds, USD 12/50 seeds
9.  Osmanthus yunnanensis (small wild fragrant osmanthus ), USD 8/20 seeds
10.  Cotoneaster horizontalis var. ( with white leaf edges),  USD 8/20 seeds
Contact me at cnnursery@yahoo.com or PM here if you have any questions.



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1 hour ago, garrytsen said:


Sorry for not writing the names.  If you wanna see more photos of them, you can either visit

our website www.coldplant.com or let me know.


22_副本.jpg Camelia nitidissima  / Stephania yunnanensis var. (red vine)  /Taxus chinensis var mairei


Poncirus trifoliata   / Hovenia dulcis

Diospyros lotus   / Cotoneaster horizontalis var. ( with white leaf edges)



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Some people require privately to see more photos of Camellia nitidissima which is  rare to see on the market.

Here are some of them.





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Hi Garry, 

I ordered princeps from you years ago, and I had very good germination rates. Do you know when/if you'll collect them again? I haven't seen you post in a while. 

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On 9/28/2022 at 6:36 AM, garrytsen said:

Sorry for not checking it here. You may come back to us in December when new fresh plant seeds are collected.

Thanks, I'll check back then. 

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