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Thoughts on dypsis in pots


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Really like some of the bamboo style trunks on some of the dypsis species. I recently was in the keys and at one of our favorite restaurants there they had some beautiful multitrunk dypsis,think either pembana or cabadae.  So now I want one:D. Since I am in Missouri it's obviously going to live it's life in a pot. It will get to spend 8 months or so outside.  With that in mind thoughts on humidity, light, being prone to spider mites etc during the winter






Those were my favorites,I know lutescens could be added to the list but it's pretty yellow. Thanks


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I was waiting for others to reply, because I did no want to start on a negative note, but after decades of indoor/outdoor palm growing, I look around and see no decent species representative of this genus. Yes, I have a D.  lutescens, but it seems to decline indoors eventually.  Also have had more then one Triangle palm and it to seems to underperform in a container. You specifically said you like bamboo like trunks, what about Chamaedorea palms, easy indoors or out. Lady palms produce elongated trunks but would not call them bamboo like in the least.

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Thanks for the reply, I'd rather hear the downside now than later.  I do love the look of the cabadae especially but realize it could be a tough row to hoe.  

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