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Several mature coconuts in the ground in ormond beach, Fl


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So my buddy has a nursery on his homestead in ormond beach it’s really quite large. Grows TONS of palms and pushes zones regularly. The only coconuts he grows and sells are maypans and I was probably 50 feet from them but they looked to be 10 years old? He said they do get coconuts on some of these trees. Also said he does not protect them in the winter at all. He has smaller ones in his nursery like 15 gallon size that I saw unprotected this past winter. 

sorry no pictures I don’t know him well enough to ask if I could take pics just thought I’d share lol. I’m growing a maypan on my property and another Home Depot coconut in palm coast lol. I’m 3 miles from the ocean. I’ll probably invest in a heat lamp for them and cover on our coldest nights.

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