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Sabal 'blackburniana' growth update/comparison


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Just wanted to share the growth update of the blackburniana I got from Phil in March of 2020. 

Here it is shortly after planting on March 9th 2020:




And Thursday October 21st 2021:




The flip-flop is a size 13, and the fence is a standard 6ft fence for scale. 



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Very nice, beautiful color and form, my 10 year old isn’t even that big since it was cut off from water for years and covered in weeds. It’s been getting regular water and sun now and is starting to recover.

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Matt in Temecula, CA

Hot and dry in the summer, cold with light frost in the winter. Halfway between the desert and ocean

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6 hours ago, Jesse PNW said:

That's a lot of growth. 

What size pot did it come in? 

@Jesse PNW 5 gallon pot when it was received. 


@freakypalmguy It sure does seem to like water. It's in an area of the yard that gets drainage from the neighbors yard, and its planted in amended red clay. It also has 3 micro emitters on drip irrigation that supplement watering when it hasn't rained and/or during the heat of the summer. 

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Looks like it is doing really well!  Your stuff is awesome!

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YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@tntropics - 60+ In-ground 7A palms - (Sabal) minor(7 large + 27 seedling size, 3 dwarf),  brazoria(1) , birmingham(4), etonia (1) louisiana(5), palmetto (1), riverside (1),  (Trachycarpus) fortunei(7), wagnerianus(1),  Rhapidophyllum hystrix(7),  15' Mule-Butia x Syagrus(1),  Blue Butia capitata(1) +Tons of tropical plants.  Recent Yearly Lows -1F, 12F, 11F, 18F, 16F, 3F, 3F, 6F, 3F, 1F, 16F, 17F, 6F, 8F


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8 hours ago, tlow said:

Update on this one?  Planting two come Friday, and would love to see how yours looks now.

That last image was taken in October of 2021. So, not much has changed over winter. 

Coldest its seen is 16F with no notable damage. Coldest this past winter was 1 morning at 19F. 


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10 minutes ago, Hardypalms said:

Does it look different than a minor?

They get pretty imposing when mature, but it takes a long time:


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Lakeland, FL

USDA Zone (2012): 9b | Sunset Zone: 26 | Record Low: 20F/-6.67C (1985, 1962) | Record Low USDA Zone: 9a | 30-Year Avg. Low: 30F | 30-year Min: 24F

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