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Random observation


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People bitch and moan about the dust that gas blowers create. Well, electric ones do too. I'm also eager to see the results of the gas-powered chainsaw ban in CA which happens in 2 years. Watch someone try and fell a dead Caryota gigas with an electric saw. Good luck! Vent for the day.

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I got my 1st set of electric yard stuff (mower, hedge trimmer, blower, string trimmer) from a BB, with the new house 18 months ago.  The house has a nice attached garage with A/C and I didn’t want the smell of gas or oil in there.  I was worried about it before hand, but I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised.  

I’ve got 3 60v batteries always charged and 3 chargers set up that they go on.   Same interchangeable battery for each.  Less noise, less mess, better results than the lawn company we started with.  I notice every detail now on the lawn and bushes and trees, and address any problems early.  Also cutting more often and mulching in everything made a big difference. 

I feel ya though, with the “forcing everyone to do what you want” mentality.  All of society seems to be moving towards political agendas and group-speak, regardless of evidence or impact sometimes.  In mostly GenX style, I’m checking out of all the emotional idiocy lately, but maybe I’m just getting old (45) and grumpy.  

The governor and legislators aren’t out there like you and me with shovels, pick axes, and chainsaws doing their own brushclearing and landscaping.   They just hire some poor schlep that they pay less than minimum wage and don’t respect, to do that kind of menial work.  It’s usually more about value signaling and political posturing for them.   

I don’t mind most electric stuff though, and I look forward to the return of the woolly mammoths once we get rid of those billions of smoke-belching chainsaws.   


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