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2021 - Sylvester freeze damage. Help!!


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I have 3 majestic Sylvester’s in the back yard that got hard hit during the Texas Big Freeze this year. 
Two have recovered well but one is suffering badly. No real new top growth and some weird white stuff has oozed out of the bark (see photos)

Any idea what this is and if the tree can be saved?

i left the dead canopy leaves on all 3 during the summer to provide some shade to the plants below, but now Fall has begun I have just started to crop them back.





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Im not an expert, but palm trunks shouldnt be oozing anything, at all. If it didnt recover over the summer, it probably wont make it through winter, even if it is still alive. Would be best to take it out, but thats just my opinion. What was the low temperature?

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Palms - 4 S. romanzoffiana, 2 W. bifurcata, 6 W. robusta, 1 R. rivularis, 1 B. odorata, 1 B. nobilis, 2 S. palmetto, 1 A. merillii, 2 P. sylvestris, 1 Butia x Jubaea, 1 Butia x Jubaea x Butia x Syagrus, 1 X Butiagrus nabonnandii, 2 L. chinensis, 1 Cocos nucifera, 1 Phoenix roebelenii

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Yeah, the oozing doesn't look good. It's probably a goner, but if you could get up to the crown you could vigorously spray it with an anti-fungal and hope for the best. Could also do a systemic antifungal treatment, but that looks like it needs something up top soon if there's any chance.

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