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RIP Groot :(


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I dunno what happened. If you remember from previous posts, Old Groot was more of a neon/snot green than normal, I assumed due to sun exposure. I got him back to normal and aside from being more short and bushy than tall and majestic, he seemed healthy. He had a lot of fronds die off at once, but a lot grew back - they all dried out almost instantly. 


Today I get an email from my apartment manager asking me to move my plants due to wind risks from TS Nicholas (btw you might be a palm dork when your apt manager emails you about that), and oof. Groot was white and brown and spear pulled. RIP to the green buddy that led me to Palmtalk, all of you wonderful people, and all of my other green homeys. 


On a side note, cramming all but the heaviest of my plants in this apartment has me wondering what I'll do come winter. I've also chucked 2 Kentias and 5 parlour palms in the trash this week, so fingers crossed there's not some massive die-off going on here. 







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14 minutes ago, ZPalms said:

Sorry for your loss!! :crying:

Thanks buddy. He had a good run. 

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