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Best potting medium for repotting old man palm in pot


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I’m getting more into collecting palms now and would really appreciate some advise on the best potting medium for  repotting an old man palm. I live in Florida, zone 10a and it is growing outside.

Thanks in advance!

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Do you plan to plant it or keep it potted? Unless you a planning to move I think it would be happier planted in the ground in a place that drains well and doesn't get swampy. C. crinita prefers to be kept on the dry side. It is highly prone to fungal infections, so make sure it gets full sun and lots of heat most of the year. If you want to keep it potted, make sure your mix drains well, never gets soggy or mucky and is very coarse. Standard houseplant black soil will not do. I recommend you avoid Miracle Gro soils because they are not coarse enough and turn mucky. I am revising my soil mix to contain a high % of coco coir, coarse garden soil and perlite.


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Thanks for your reply!
Yes, I would like to keep it in a pot. 
Would a mix of peat, perlite, pine bark and/or orchid mix with added charcoal  and perhaps some of the sandy garden soil from our ground , be good ? I also have some black volcanic gravel/rock I could add?

I also have Kellogg’s brand outside potting soil I could use instead of the peat component? It is a well draining mix I often use , with other tropicals  and amend with various things depending on the plant.

I definitely agree regarding the Miracle Grow mediums … I never liked them… way too mucky!

let me know your thoughts…
thanks again!




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