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Does anyone have a Butia odorata silver?


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I was able to score a Butia x Jubea (moultrie farms lineage) a few years ago, and it is certainly much more Butia than it is Jubea.. It is very silver\blue versus the normal lime green color my other rescue Butia has.. It seems to take these cold spells in stride as well.  Curious as to your thoughts @Dartolution

I need to figure out how to get better with photography so I can capture that blue\silver color so much more... ugh!



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Subscribe to my YouTube here  to follow along my Sabal obsession....  Quite possibly one of the biggest Sabal plantings in the US.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/sabalking.texas

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I've seen them for sale in Portland.  No difference in price from more green ones.  These palms came up from California.


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@Sabal King Nice BxJ! I agree, you can definitely tell the butia was the mother parent. The color looks similar to my Butia odorata I have currently. Which - BTW: survive with less than 10% tip burn through our "lovely" alaska level arctic blast this year again . 9.5F on the North side, 10.1F on the southside.... I'm done with this moody winter weather. 

I had what I suspect was a BxJ that was sold to me as a BxJxS for a couple of years, however it perished (horribly so) in the DEC 22' 80+ hr freeze. We got down to 10F as an ultimate low, but unfortunately due to the duration it was toast. AND I MEAN COMPLETE toast.... core rot within a couple of weeks of normal temps, no amount of hydrogen peroxide and copper could do anything about it. 


@Chester B - THAT butia is the one I have been looking to find for YEARS..... 

We do not have those down here. The one in the video has physiology that is quite interesting with the almost weeping leaflets and that ice blue color. 



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My grandparents have a nice one.  Not sure if it's exceptionally silver but it always sticks out from the green foliage that surrounds it. I still need to collect some seed from it 



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@Dartolution I wanted to buy one of those silver Butia, but I already had two Butia, and they take up so much room.  Now that I'm in a new place I'm on the hunt for one too.  

@NCFM that is a real nice one. It would be cruel of you not to spread that palm's genetics around.  I know that I would pay for some seed.

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We have been selling our silver blue Jubautia Splendens palms on eBay (Butia Odorata v Jubaea) for over 10 years and now we have some very large specimens 10-15 ft and some smaller ones from 3- 6 ft here in sunny Florida.  You can see our 5 ft palm on eBay at this link:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/255842283553 .  There are other palms on eBay that are 3, 4, 5 and 6 ft tall - select "see sellers other items".  The trunk on our Jubautia Splendens becomes clear as the palm grows older.  These photos below and in the eBay listing show how beautiful and colorful our hybrids are and there is also a very detailed description and information about our hybrids that are a rare variety called "Jubautia Splendens - Dick Douglas" verified by Merrill and Hodel's documentation cited there.  Photos can be difficult to capture the true color of these palms depending on light, rain, time of day etc.  Thanks for looking please contact me if you would like more information or more photos of the large palms for sale.ForSaleManyTall20-15ftSilverBlueJubautiaSplendens-DickDouglas.jpg.a33aef1bc9857ebdc8e90b2e0b8f816a.jpg

For Sale Many Tall Silver Blue Jubautia Splendens - Dick Douglas.jpg

Silver Blue Jubautia Splendens amazing Summer Display.jpg

Silver Blue Display Along Our Driveway.jpg

Large amounts of fruit with very good taste..jpg

Silver Blue Color and Fringe around the trunk base.jpg

Mother Parent Photo - Color is Silver Blue With Photo Good Light.jpg

Mother Parent Photo - Color is Silver Blue as hybrid offspring but light dark.jpg

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