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Cat palm dries in the middle of the stem


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Hello there. I am trying to figure out why my cat palm plant stems dry out right in the middle of the stems. I searched for this specific issue all over the internet and couldn’t find anything regarding this issue. May be any body on here can help me? Thank u in advance. 






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You're definitely in the right place!


This almost looks to me like it touched something very hot, or, was burned by sun somehow.     Is it a new palm?   is it possible something hot touched those parts of the fronds somehow during transport or after?    Even a  hot balcony railing can cause something like this if the fronds touch it.      Also, many palms you purchase are grown under shade cloths and are not acclimated to any direct / unfiltered sun.  Even a ray of sun coming through trees or other shading plants might damage portions of the any plant that is not accustomed to direct sun.     


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Thank u for reply. This plant is about 3 month old and was growing fine and all of sudden it started to dry off on stems. It sits in a shade always on the balcony and I don’t think I damaged it while transporting and it doesn’t touch railings. It’s very strange and I couldn’t not find any information online. Thank you!

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