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I don't know if this is where I can put suggestions, This might be something I personally want but others may want and find this useful too but having an app available on phones to be able to use the forums on mobile, I know you can log into the site on mobile browsers but it's kind of funky and it would be nice to receive notifications directly on my device and access Palm talk from anywhere on the go ^_^

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As a web developer, I can say they are very expensive. Not enough return on investment from the perspective of the IPS (or most non profits) in my opinion. Even for a small forum like this, the absolute cheapest would still be like $5k from an offshore team. And the developer(s) would most likely just wrap the current mobile site in an app wrapper and call it an app.

This is honestly how most of our apps work anyway besides games or applications that require direct hardware access. Most are literally the website (which are actually web apps these days), but made downloadable in the app store, and little things like notifications are made available, with the UI tweaked for smaller screens.

The best option (and cheapest) in my opinion would simply get a front end developer tweak/improve the UI to work better on mobile devices so there's less funk.

And I volunteer myself if the mods want a dev to make some tweaks for mobile devices in my spare time. Plus I could implement the dark theme we built a few months ago.

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It is not just the initial expense of getting any "app" solution up and running - but the ongoing work necessary to check and update it every time our software, or a User's OS, or browser has a new version or patch - sometimes requiring expensive revisions. A substantial majority of Users still use this forum for free and don't support the IPS with a Membership. Without more support from our Users, it is pretty much out of the question.

The software developers constantly try and improve the mobile version of our software, and there are ways for a User to configure it to accomplish many of the things a full fledged app would do.

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Thanks to those of you who help make this a fun and friendly forum.

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