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Huge Old 3-Trunked Cycad in Cape Coral, FL


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I've been admiring this huge cycad for nearly 30 years at the German American Social Club in Cape Coral, FL. It has 3 trunks and is about 15' tall and wide. I have no idea what genus and species it is so maybe someone can tell me. I've been meaning to take photos all these years but never had a camera close by. Today at our outdoor band rehearsal I got my chance.

Unknown Cycad, Cape Coral, FL


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Palms of Victory I shall wear

Cape Coral (It's Just Paradise)
Zone 10A on the Isabelle Canal
Elevation: 15 feet

I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus' garden in the shade.

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That's an awesome Cycas, thanks for sharing!  I'd guess it's in the "Queen" group, Thouarsii / Rumphii / Seemannii.  If I had to make a guess I'd think Cycas Rumphii, based on the roughly 90 degree leaf insertion angle, dark glossy green on the top with a flat midrib, and pale green on the underside with a raised midrib.  Those are hard for me to tell apart, and there are others that look kind of similar (like Cycas Pectinata) and are also tough to differentiate unless you are very good!

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Female plant as well.  Whenever you see a cycad with megasporophylls instead of a female cone, you can immediately identify the genus as Cycas.  The remnants of some older megasporophylls are readily visible in this photo you posted.  I would expect something in the rumphii family as well.


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33.0782 North -117.305 West  at 72 feet elevation

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