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Windmill Palm Possibly Sick - Seeking Advice/Opinions


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My Trachycarpus has been doing exceptionally well - until this weekend. Just mid week, I was inspecting the spear and foliage, everything was excellent! Today, I noticed the spearhead appears to be drooping, and one of the fronds opening up looked terrible. Upon inspecting it, the outer , freshly opened frond completely fell off. I looked quite closely at the spear and noticed there are bits of white around it. After doing some reading, it appears that it has a fungus? Based on suggestions, I treated it with a little bit of peroxide. And some of the experts tell me what they think it is? We had an insanely wet February, here, in the Virginia Beach region of Virginia. The sun barely came out the month of February....perhaps some rot?

Additionally, I had another one in a pot. I thought it had died due to root rot. To my surprise, I noticed the spear is green and healthy! Gave it a tug or 2 and it’s intact. Is that palm salvageable? That is picture 4 and 5.






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