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Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon FL


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Hi everyone! Today I went to Rainbow Springs which is in Marion County right off US 41. It was an early tourist attraction before the state acquired it and became a state park. I’ve been here before in the middle of summer to swim in the springs, so being here at noon and it still being only 46 degrees was kind of surreal.61375AB0-5A04-42CC-A752-E42EAAC5256D.thumb.jpeg.da5d5bbb55a2dc8c5b1a414315d79618.jpegThe Headspring, looking down from the welcome center pathwayCCF3BB4F-2256-4F8A-AA21-66A31AB5F6AD.thumb.jpeg.42ccc0273a86a95c845f80b409d0cb1e.jpegSome tall Sabals and a big clump of Rhapis excelsaC79A8475-0069-4DF1-9780-66DCB3A1D7C7.thumb.jpeg.bef8c8b165a84bc16956658375b2148a.jpeg8E465123-E447-46B5-91FA-3689FB8D93AD.thumb.jpeg.78076930381609c090e0db7807141772.jpegMan-made waterfalls that were kept after the transition to state park22905A64-AFA5-45EB-A794-1B1BA25E3162.thumb.jpeg.464a39674342ab4ebb7c5a2545a74197.jpegNice Chamaerops leaning over a waterfall trickling back down to the springB848B501-D9A8-48AD-AD6A-BB7A669BECDD.thumb.jpeg.99fe6f9fea1f9c314ebe9409be1f6725.jpegBonus Sabal that was by the parking lot, stunted palmetto or another species? Overall height 5 feet.



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Milwaukee, WI to Ocala, FL

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Thanks for posting.  Definitely on my list for a visit!

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Lakeland, FL

USDA Zone (2012): 9b | Sunset Zone: 26 | Record Low: 20F/-6.67C (1985, 1962) | Record Low USDA Zone: 9a | 30-Year Avg. Low: 30F | 30-year Min: 24F

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You should have jumped in! Florida springs stay the same temperature year round, usually 72F. Most swimming in these springs is reserved for Spring, Fall and Summer. The air temperature is hot and I can tell you that you literally feel like you are freezing most of the time.

Alternatively, one of my best experiences in a Florida spring (Itchneetucknee River) north of UF was on a December day, when the air temperature was about 75F. The small difference between the air temperature and the water temperature made it much more tolerable. If you had jumped in, it would have felt like a sauna!

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