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Sympathies to Fellow Brits


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This is the worst in living memory and I hope you havnt been hit too bad.

Esp if you are in the nursery trade or farming (Nigel scores twice here (ouch!)

I was badly flooded once but not quite all the garden and I tried to take away something positive which is I now know for certain my gardens levels. I Also got our Council engineers to clear our drainage ditch of detritus and th deepen and widen it.

So this time no flooding.

Anway things could be worse ; apart from 2 million plus pounds of damage and some minor damage only two guys have lost their lives. It could have been worse and more is forecast soon.

Apparently this weather "should" have gone to Iceland but we got theirs!

If you want somewhere warm and sunny the Cote d' Azure and Corsica are fine right now so is Florida apasrt from it being too humid if you are not used to that AND its Hurricane Season.

Anyway good luck to all.




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