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where can I get a sabal brazoria of any size?


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I have spent a lot of time on line looking for a brazoria and have not found anything larger than a .7L pot.  Are these simply not available in any size?  I am in zone 7a and am looking for a sabal that will have some height and won't require protection other than mulching (I already have sabal minor, needles and trachy's, plus some Chinese fan palms that I will try to grow as die backs)



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7 hours ago, yabazid said:

try http://www.garysnursery.com/ 

thats where i got mine at least!  check it out:  



Me too.  Except I'm starting to wonder if it's a Brazoria or not.  I may have got a minor that was accodentally mixed in with the Brazoria, they were all strap leaf at the time.  I'll start a new thread for that.

Back on topic....

Mail order from PDN also.


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