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Wind damage question


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Hi everyone,

    I live in a pretty windy spot which normally has 10-20mph breezes.  This past couple of days we have had steady 30mph dry winds and my T. fortunei is looking pretty ragged.  I was wondering if these leaves will recover.  Also, will the tree become more hardy to the wind over time with new spears?  I realize this isn't the best breeze palm but in my zone I'm stuck with needles, sabals, windmills, etc.  Thank you!



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Once the leaves are bent they're bent - no going back.  One reason why people like to have waggies, or hybrids instead.  I've been told that they should become more resilient to wind (kinda skepticalon this one), but you can always expect some floppiness.

I live in an area with a lot of wind, so mine tend to look ragged, especially in the spring.  The only one I know that look perfect are protected by a building.

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