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Dypsis scottiana leaf damage from cold


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We have had some cold nights recently.  Last night was the coldest, getting down to 37.5 early this morning under a clear sky with a cold Santa Ana blowing.  It seemed that a bit before dawn when it was the coldest, the wind stopped before kicking back up again right at dawn.  I couldn't help noticing some damage to my Dypsis scottiana which was planted in 2018.  It is in a slightly protected area, between my detached garage and a patio cover with the Dypsis pembana (trunks behind it) providing some overhead protection in the area open to the sky.  It was extremely dry last night as well, so no frost forming.



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33.0782 North -117.305 West  at 72 feet elevation

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I think it will make it! I lost a 5 year old Dypsis Hiarakae. Last night was the final nail  (16 inches tall, staring to sucker, always on the border but looking good, 34F last night, no frost, apparently did it in) even though I had ample overhead canopy:(

Mission Viejo, CA

Limited coastal influence

5-10 days of frost

IPS and PSSC Member

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That's a bummer!  I try to keep my cold sensitive palms on the south facing side of my yard where they can get the morning sun to compensate for the coldest time of the morning.  

Huntington Beach, CA

USDA Zone 10a/10b

Sunset Zone 24

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