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Weather Underground web site // software problem?

Bill H2DB

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 Over the years , I've had a few problems with WU , but they usually get it straightened out eventually.

Beginning a week or so ago , using my long used Bookmark , It did not go to the usual , start page .

The bookmark has been there for several years . Now it goes to a maps selection page .

  Formerly it went to a page with a large USA composite map , with smaller maps underneath that , and we could select maps for different 

data maps that we wanted . Each one of these had a button to select various area of the World etc to focus on .  I like(d) it .


  I have tried various other addresses at WU to try to find that original page , but can't .


   Also , on the page that it now sends me to , my Favorites bar has disappeared . It seems to now think that I am in Warren, Ohio too !

BUT , I also had Bookmarked a few various often visited by me Cities , or PWS's  !

All of these work as before , and  all have my Favorites Bar back up top , and working , so they are not lost .

  I emailed WU , but no answer .

     Please skip the usual change this , or change that  , in Preferences  routine .       ( IT people seem to use that as a way to get rid of us )

Nothing has been changed in my computer .  I find no problem with any of the MANY sites that I go to, and have Bookmarked , in my Browser .

   I tried to go to WU , on a Tablet also , and got the same result .

My brother is a weather professional , and he has noted some of WU's variability in the past .

  So , have any of you out there had a similar experience ?

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I don't go to WU but I've often found with various internet sites that the IT geeks that run them periodically like to "improve" or "shake things up" by changing some or all aspects of them if only so they can experiment or play with new technologies. The result is that I lose pages or charts that I have come to rely on and have to relearn all new stuff - only to have the site runners change things yet again. Weather.com has messed me over so often I no longer go there.


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I've had issues with the site working differently when I access it for a date range of data.  I finally dumped all of the climate data for my local airport to a file on my hard drive and just update it periodically.

Lakeland, FL

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