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Starting off palms in the Blue Mountains (NSW)


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Hi all,

Just looking for some idea on this one. I'm currently renting in the Blue Mountains (just moved out here from UK!), but will be settling permanently in the next year to 18 months, and may well be moving down to the coast (central to mid north coastal NSW - fingers crossed!). I've got a small yard (sheltered) and large balcony (less so) in the upper blue mountains, around 950m altitude in Leura/Katoomba area. The balcony is a little bare so thinking of potting some palms here, and starting them off so I'll have some plants ready to go into the garden in our permanent home. Does any have any suggestions for any palms that could tolerate both conditions? Ideally I'm looking for some that are a little out of the ordinary, rather than sticking with the usual fallbacks like Canariensis and Forunei.

Also, just a shoutout to any PalmTalk family in the mountains :)

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Licuala ramsayi are pretty cold Hardy

If you can keep it warm the next winter your up there, then She'll be ready for the coastal move.

Also dypsis baronii

But you can't go past t fortunei in a pot.

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T. fortunei is always a great cold hardy palm and will trunk. If you don't mind shrubbier, but nice looking, palms then there is the tried and true (here in the U.S) S. minor and R. hystrix.


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Judging by the averages and record lows of Katoomba there are quite a few palms you can grow there without issue. The record low there is 17.2F and every palm in my garden has seen lower than that without issue, save for the Livistona that will start to defoliate in the teens but is trunk hardy to my zone 7 where typically we see 10-15f as our usual lowest lows and every few years single digits (which all my palms saw last year).


Only thing Id look for is palms that dont mind rainy climates as it seems that region gets a good mess of rain and that will surely rot drier climate palms. 

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LOWS 16/17 12F, 17/18 3F, 18/19 7F, 19/20 20F

Palms growing in my garden: Trachycarpus Fortunei, Chamaerops Humilis, Chamaerops Humilis var. Cerifera, Rhapidophyllum Hystrix, Sabal Palmetto 

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Yep, we get quite a bit of rain up here! It's not so much we get extreme cold like the US (I'm always amazed that even places like Florida have freak extreme lows) but up here in the mountains we don't get much in the way of summer of heat (on an average summer day our highs are about 6c lower than the sydney coast). Thanks for the ideas. I'm interested in trying Ramsayi and Livistona Nitida, given they're east coast natives :) 


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