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Big Island Trip


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Well I was hoping to meet up with IPS peoples but I didn't have time, I lost an entire day due to plane troubles, but once I got to the island it was as amazing as I remembered. I'm already planing my next trip to Hawaii tho, next time is probably going to primarily be Oahu. I took many more pictures but these will do for now. Sorry if I wanted to meet up with you and didn't let ya know, We managed to make our 6 days on the island very busy yet equally relaxing!

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Looking for:  crytostachys hybrids, Pseudophoenix sargentii Leucothrinax morrisii, livingstona canarensis

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Beautiful photos.  Thank you.  I've been to Oahu would love to visit the Big Island.

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On my way to Big Island next week, anyone there now?

How is the situation?  Any recommendations?  

Where is the best place to see the lava safely?



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