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The saga continues. Trachycarpus sowing


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2 minutes ago, Rickybobby said:

Got a bulk pack of takil princeps and latisectus and for fun some saw palmetto


That's awesome. I have been considering ordering seeds from Seedman.com for a while now but am not sure if I will get the right seeds or not for some species, especially Sabals and Trachys. Have you found what you have been growing from them to be what the site said the are? 


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So far I’ve had great luck with some and not so much with others as well I’ve had lessons learned with soil dampness. Freshness and temperature. Since I have a ton of different species in one locker with the heat set I may not favour all species. I can tell you this. So far bottle. Washingtonia filifera key thatch old man yatay. Capitata Bangalow Areca vestiaria. Foxtail. Bismarck sabal palmetto queen etc I’ve had good luck and. No issue so that’s a lot of choices. So far I’ve had not have had a successful trachycarpus germination. I know I made mistakes with trachycarpus. I have good some germinate fresh from banana joe. So when I saw the bulk packs finally offered I decided what the heck even if I get 10 percent I’m happy


oh and to answer your question so far all species are as listed. And when I google the trachycarpus seeds to what I have bought. They seem to be legit 

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