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Dypsis dacaryi / help soft trunk


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I have a nice triangle with about a foot or less of clean trunk just put it in the ground about 4 months ago. Noticed over the Last week or so the trunks becoming soft. We have had a good amount of rain but other then that I cant think of a change. Ideas? Is it doomed? I'd love to keep it but shopping for a replacement isnt the worst thing in the world. :blush: some pics to come







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I have seen them rot big holes in the trunk and keep growing for years. It's best to try and keep the trunk dry as much as possible. Sprinklers hitting the trunk will do that for sure.

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Triangles are very prone to rot in rainy areas as I learned the hard way. Yours looks in a bad way to me. Next one you get plant in the highest, driest part of the yard away from sprinklers. Also mound plant it to give it more elevation. This palm comes from a drier part of Madagascar so don’t overwater it.


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Ought to check mine, which is on a mound and doesn't get obsessively watered.  

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